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Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement

Posted By samnewman

More and more people are using social media and are spending an increasing amount of time doing so. The chances are if someone is looking at their phone they are viewing or engaging with social media of some kind. So it’s important to know why, how, and when to use it for best results. We are here to help your business to reach out to potential customers on social media.

How do the different social networks compare? What benefits can they offer your business?

facebook - social engagement
Facebook attracts 1.79billion individual users each month, liking and sharing billions of posts each day. There is a huge potential market here, both globally and locally.

How can facebook benefit your business?

  1. Networking with other businesses
    There are lots of small business in every town and city. Facebook gives you the opportunity to support each other. You can connect with other small businesses in your area. Show your support to other businesses you have used. You can do this by giving them a good review or by liking and following their page. It’s not always about selling your business, by promoting others in your community you will naturally be noticed by other small businesses and by potential customers who are looking to spend money in your area.
  2. Engaging with Current and Potential customers
    Facebook offers a few different ways in which you can engage with potential customers. Firstly, you may have people comment on one of our pictures or posts. When they do take the time to reply thank them for their message. Secondly, you may have someone direct message you. Facebook tells people how long it takes you to reply to messages and if you reply at all. Try to keep your message reply rate to 100% it will make you seem reliable, replying quickly to messages quickly could also gain you a sale or a new customer.
  3. Showcasing your Business
    On your business page, you can add pictures and videos of your products and services, this gives your potential customers an opportunity to see what your business offers. You can show people what you do, where you are and how to contact you.
  4. Promotions
    You can easily tell people about your special offers and promotions. Special Offers are a good way to get your business noticed and to draw people to your website.

There are many other benefits to using Facebook please keep an eye out on our blog for FREE tips and advice for using Facebook.


Although twitter has a smaller user base than Facebook, it is a great place to recognise and respond to trends as Twitter is always bang up to date. Often news stories are broken on twitter long before the news outlets have caught up. 6000 tweets are sent per second, amazingly that’s enough to fill a 10million page book every day.

In what ways can Twitter help you to engage with your customers?

  1. Sharing
    Twitter is good for sharing relevant links about your services or about things relevant to our business. The more interesting your post the more people will engage.
  2. Current News
    Twitter is good for current and relevant news and information. You can see what’s trending and relevant each day. This can help you in being relevant to your audience.
    You can share good comments, quotes and messages from people you follow. This means you don’t have to always have new things to say and it shows you like what other people are posting, helping to build relationships with them.
  4. Updating your followers
    Why pay to advertise to your existing customers when you can tell them all about your new products, services or promotions for FREE?

There are many more ways to make the most out of twitter. Follow our blog for more tips and advice on using Twitter.


Although two new users are joining every second, Linkedin is smaller than the other social networks. Don’t let this put you off as it is business focussed and allows you to reach the key individuals that can make decisions. It’s user base also includes many people who don’t use any other social networks.

How can a business social network like Linkedin help you to build important business relationships?

  1. Informing people about your business
    You can create a business page, tell people who you are what you do. A well written profile page with informative copy and pictures will dramatically increase engagement.
  2. Connecting with Key personnel and decision makers
    You are able to reach the people you need to reach rather than just a PR team. This makes it possible to build valuable relationships with them.
  3. Recruitment
    If you are looking to hire someone, linkedin is a good way to find your perfect new employee.
  4. Endorsements
    Other people you have worked with or people you currently work with can endorse you. This helps potential customers see where your skills lie and helps to build a good reputation for you and your business.

Please follow our blog for more tips and advice about linked in.


Instagram Logo
Instagram enjoys amazing engagement figures. Engagement with brand on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter. 30% of all internet users have an instagram account. 60% of them log in daily to view the 80million photos and videos that are posted each day, attracting 3.5billion likes

How can you make good use of Instagram to engage effectively with your customers?

  1. Telling a compelling visual story about your business
    With Instagram, you add a picture or video as the main basis of each post so you can show people how your products and services will benefit them.
  2. Utilise Captions
    Instagram may be all about the visuals, but don’t underestimate the caption. You have a lot of space 2,200 characters to tell your story. Make sure you catch users attention in the first three lines because this is all they see before the interact with your post.
  3. High Engagement
    Lots of people interact with your posts especially if you have a good use of hashtags and an interesting picture and caption.
  4. Connecting with Local Small businesses
    It’s easy to find local businesses and users on Instagram, by searching for posts in your area. By becoming part of your local Instagram community you can help promote your business easily, to your target audience.

There is so much you can do on Instagram please follow our blog for more tips about using Instagram for business.

How can Assist-U help?

If you would like Assist-U to set up or manage your social media accounts please contact us on 01245 905509, use the contact us form for a FREE quote or of course contact us via one of our social media accounts. Or if you would like more information tips on using social media, take a look at our blog.